I'm studying the Grand Diplome at Cordon Bleu in London

Today’s demo class was making more salads but this time we were actually cooking something!
The dishes today were salad italienne and potato salad with boiled eggs. The chef made his salads and plated them up:


Salad Italienne is macedoine of carrots, turnips and green beans plus peas in a little mayonnaise, garnished with tomato petals, hard boiled egg quarters, salami and fresh anchovies. Macedoine is another cut of vegetable, this time 5 mm dice. Both the carrot and turnip had to be cut to this size, evenly, and the green bean, once cooked was cut to 5 mm lengths. The peas are that size already! Each of the vegetables need to be cooked separately as they have different cooking times, then refreshed in cold water to stop the cooking.

We used new potatoes and cooked them whole, then peeled them when cold. The eggs were boiled for 10 minutes exactly. We used our timers which came in our knife kits to time the eggs. They were then refreshed in ice water to cool them before peeling.

Then we made mayonnaise. We started off by mixing a little vinegar, mustard and seasoning together. Adding a little oil, I thought I had split my mayonnaise already, but realised I hadn’t actually added the yolk yet! Once I did, it emulsified easily and I was able to keep adding the oil and made nice, thick mayonnaise.

The tomato petals were simply a skinned tomato, cut into quarters lengthwise and the seeds removed.

Both salads used some mayonnaise. The salad italienne was pushed into a small cup and then upturned onto a plate and decorated with the salami and anchovies, and egg quarters and tomato petals arranged around it. The potato salad was spooned into a couple of leaves of little gem lettuce.

At Cordon Bleu you take home the food you make in practicals so you get to eat what you make. Both salads were pretty tasty and didn’t last long.

Here are my plated dishes:


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