I'm studying the Grand Diplome at Cordon Bleu in London

I promised earlier to write about the knife and utensil kit each student is given when they arrive at Cordon Bleu.

Here are the knives in the kit:

In order from left to right they are:

turning knife
paring knife
boning knife
filleting knife (flexible blade)
cook’s knife
carving knife
carving fork
sharpening steel
palette knife
offset palette knife

Also in the kit are the following utensils:

In the top row are:

melon baller
channeling knife
apple corer
trussing needle
dessert spoon
dessert fork
tea spoon
balloon whisk
probe thermometer / timer

In the front row, sitting on the silicone mat are:

bowl scraper
pastry brush
12 piping nozzles
2 piping bags

The kit comes in a special zipped up case with lots of compartments to hold everything.

The knives and many of the utensils are made by Wusthof and are top quality and pretty expensive. Even the little paring knife costs over £30. Consequently I have marked everything with my initials.

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  1. Very jealous.

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