I'm studying the Grand Diplome at Cordon Bleu in London

Today was a similar lesson to the chocolate charlotte bavarois last week.

Instead of chocolate, the flavour was fruit purées, in this case blackcurrant and strawberry purées.

The chef started by making a plain genoise sponge, baked as a  sheet on a baking tray. From this he cut 2 circles to fit the cake ring which the charlotte would be made in.
He cut the rest into rectangles which he sandwiched together with raspberry jam. Thin slices of the multilayer cake sandwich were cut and used to line the sides of the ring mould, so that the different layers were visible as vertical lines around the edge of the ring. One of the circles was used to line the base of the ring and was brushed with a cassis flavoured syrup.

A bavarois made from blackcurrant purée, sugar syrup, gelatine and whipped cream was used to fill the centre and topped with another circle of sponge, also brushed with syrup.
A final layer of bavarois was spread on top of the sponge and then topped with a thin layer of glaze, made of fruit puree, gelatine and sugar syrup.

Finally the charlotte was decorated with piped white chocolate and fresh fruit. The chef made 3 charlottes, 1 blackcurrant, 1 strawberry and 1 a mix of blackcurrant and strawberry.

In the practical, there was a limited amount of blackcurrant purée and no strawberry, so I ended up getting blueberry.

It all went pretty well, except for the piping of the white chocolate, which looked a bit like a kindergarten kid’s painting, not like the piping above.

Interestingly, the chef had asked me to make double the recipe of the glaze in case someone messed theirs up. As it happened it ended being used on the charlotte of the classmate next to me!

Comments on: "Day 42 – Blackcurrant and Strawberry Charlotte Bavarois – Fri 9th March" (2)

  1. Caragh said:

    Hmmm, sounds like you might be the teacher’s (chef’s?) pet! 🙂 Good work, these look so delicious I might almost eat one 😛

  2. ooh, I remember making this. Yours is as beautiful as it should be 🙂

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