I'm studying the Grand Diplome at Cordon Bleu in London

First of all, happy international Star Wars day to everyone!

In the demo today the chef completed the salmon gravadlax. He washed off the marinade and the surface of the salmon was a deep pink colour. He sliced it thinly and served it with a quenelle of sour cream and a dill flavoured olive oil.

Next the venison carpaccio was sliced very thinly and arranged with a small rocket salad.

Next the chef made a pinapple ravioli. Very thin slices of pineapple were filled with a sweetened mascarpone flavoured with coriander and mint, and served with raspberry coulis, sliced strawberries and shards of orange tuile.

Lastly the chef made veal piccatas with lime, and herb noodles. Veal escalopes were quickly pan fried and served with a piquant lime flavoured sauce, julienne of lime zest and herbed noodles.

Next we had 2 practicals, first making the lobster and risotto, then the veal and noodles. Both were delicious and provided my lunch and dinner on Friday. Yummmmmmmmm!

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