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Day 79 – Lyonnais – Fri 11th May

2 dishes from this area.

The 1st was Lyonnaise salad. Leaves of curly endive, dressed in vinaigrette, with croutons and crispy lardons of smoked bacon and topped with a poached egg.

Next were quenelles of pike mousseline, poached and baked and served with a crayfish sauce and decorated with a poached crayfish.

Day 78 – Rhone-Alpes, Savoie, Dauphine – Thurs 10th May

The chef started with a hot soufflé flavoured with Comté cheese.

Next he cooked a chicken ballotine with dauphinoise potatoes. The legs were cut from the chicken and the thigh meat removed, but the skin left intact and then stuffed with a mousse made from the thigh meat. The legs were then roasted with the breast of chicken. Slices of breast, thigh mousse and a drumstick were served with dauphinoise potatoes and a sauce made from the roasted chicken bones.

Day 77 – Cote d’Azur – Wed 9th May

Today the chef made 3 dishes, 2 of which we then made in the practical.

The first was a salad Niçoise with fresh Tuna.

Next was a seafood risotto of scallops, mussels and langoustines, with the stock for the risotto flavoured with the juices from cooking the mussels and the langoustine shells. It was served with a sauce of a reduction of shellfish stock and cream.

Lastly the chef made a desert of raspberries and strawberries in a lemon sabayon, served in a tuile basket.

In the practical we made the risotto and the fruit in sabayon dishes. Both were really delicious and I would have them again happily.

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