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Day 91 – Rabbit and more plated desserts – Tue 29th May

We started by cooking the rabbit dish chef David demonstrated last week. Messy job, butchering the rabbit, but quite a tasty dish, though it’s tempting to say it tastes like chicken…

Nice to have chef Eric taking us for the practical. We’ve only had him once this term.

Next we had chef Christophe for both the demo and practical.

He finished off the banana mousse which involved unmoulding it and spraying it with a white chocolate and cocoa butter mix. This was applied with a compressed air paint sprayer and, once set, gave a velvet finish and crisp, thin coating. The mousses were plated with a creme anglaise, blackcurrant coulis and fresh fruit and some chocolate decorations or sugar work.

Next was a tarte tatin. Apples were sliced and cooked in caramel then used to line a small tin. The tin was filled with diced apple, also cooked in caramel, then baked in the oven and topped with a puff pastry circle before being flipped onto the pastry and unmoulded.

It was also decorated with creme anglaise and blackcurrant coulis, fresh fruit and sugar work.

In the practical I got to use the sprayer to coat the banana mousses and it was tempting to spray everything in sight with chocolate, as well as taking it home to do some redecorating.

We also got to do some sugar work and I made some really good sugar spirals and a couple of sugar cages.

Day 90 – Chocolate Box and Chocolate Fondant – Mon 28th May

Several patisserie classes today.

We started with a lecture on making a chocolate box from chef Graeme, and is something I’ll be making next term.

It’s completely made of chocolate, both dark and white, and consists of 2 discs of chocolate separated by a ring of chocolate and standing on 7 chocolate balls for feet, then decorated with chocolate lattices, bows, twirls, curls, cut outs, transfers and a butterfly.

Next we had a demo from chef Christophe which is the first of a few lessons on plated desserts.

The 1st was a banana mousse with a caramel insert and chocolate sponge base. These were refrigerated for completion tomorrow.

The next dish was a chocolate fondant which is a small baked dessert which is served hot and still liquid in the centre, and served with an orange caramel cake and some fresh fruit.

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