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Day 105 and 106 – Superior Patisserie begins with Truffles – Mon 2nd and Tues 3rd July

Superior term started with a mix-up of the groups we had been in for the last 2 terms with some of our group being moved into group B and some students from other groups moved into group A with us. It did mean that colleagues we have spent 2 terms developing relationships with are no longer in our group, in the term in which we’ll be doing more team work than previously.
Seems a pity and unnecessary and many are unhappy with it but the admin aren’t open to listening to students it seems.

Anyway, the term started with 2 days of chocolate workshops. Instead of the demo and practical model of the last 2 terms, patisserie this term involves a lot more workshops consisting of double practicals with us having covered any elements of the recipes before and the chef showing us any techniques required to complete the items.

Yesterday and today was about making truffles. We were in teams of 2 or 3 and between us made lots of different types of truffles and confectionary.

Here are the items we made.

From left to right they are: salted caramels, hazelnut caramels, raspberry ganache truffles, lemon truffles, coconut ganache truffles, chocolate ganache truffles, nougat  truffles, banana ganache truffles, coffee ganache truffles, nougat, white chocolate and passion fruit ganache truffles, spice log truffles and, above it with gold dusting in one corner, gianduja truffles (a praline ganache), lavender ganache truffles, spiked rum truffles, which look like the sorting hat from Harry Potter, marshmallows dipped in chocolate half way, Cointreau ganache truffles and lemon butter logs.

 All pretty yummy. And lots of practice at chocolate tempering.

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