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Days 124 and 125 – Afternoon Tea Party – Mon 30th and Tues 31st July

Monday and Tuesday this week we again worked in groups, 2 classes working towards the one goal, as we were preparing and serving an afternoon tea. On Monday we mostly prepared the cakes and on Tuesday we finished and decorated them.

We were each allowed to invite a guest and served them, and others tea, coffee and cakes.

Between us we made about 20 different types of cakes.

Here is a list of what we made:

Orange Mousse encased in candied orange slices.
Crisp choux pastries with rich fillings
Raspberry chocolate mousse on a flourless chocolate sponge
Lemon cake drenched in zesty lemon syrup
Vanilla and Chocolate marble cake decorated with chocolate
Pistachio cake encased in chocolate glaze
A tart of Raspberry Jam and candied citrus peel topped with an almond paste
Crisp almond meringue with rich praline buttercream
Pear and caramel mousses encased in almond sponge with a chocolate glaze
Milk and white chocolate mousse with kirsch soaked cherries and crisp feuilletine layer
Scones flavoured with apple and cinnamon, raisins or plain, with clotted cream and jam.
Coconut meringue discs layered with lime mousse
Chocolate pastry tart with banana and chocolate filling and chocolate swirl on top
Crisp pastry case filled with rich custard and an abundance of seasonal fruits
Creme Brulée tarts with fruit compote
Yoghurt mousse with apricot jelly centre and pistachio sponge layer
Macaroon with a rosewater jelly, fresh raspberries and lychee posette
Champagne mousse with a strawberry jelly in an almond sponge
Chocolate macaroon with a coffee bean brulée and white chocolate mousse
A syrup soaked yeast batter with fresh cream, fruit and apricot glaze

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