I'm studying the Grand Diplome at Cordon Bleu in London

Finally graduated from Cordon Bleu having completed my Grand Diplôme (Cuisine Diploma and Patisserie Diploma).

The graduation took place at the Landmark Hotel in London and consisted of a ceremony and a lunch.

There were about 80 people graduating in one diploma or the other, or both, and we each trooped up on stage to receive a large envelope containing the certificates and a silver medal for each diploma.

Then those who had completed the Grand Diplôme went up on stage again to receive an absolutely huge envelope containing the Grand Diplôme certificate, a gold medal and a chef’s hat.

By this time I looked like I had been successful in the olympics (though, with my lack of sporting prowess, this isn’t likely).


And here is my enormous certificate.

I also got my full transcript and found that I had achieved Credits in both Cusine and Patisserie (or Mention Biens in the French on the certificates) which means I got over 80% overall. Hurrah!

Next we had a lunch for all the graduating students, their guests and all the chefs and Cordon Bleu staff. The chefs had changed from their whites into suits, which made them look very different. At school we only ever saw them in their white uniforms and they were almost unrecognisable in civvies.

The lunch was surprisingly uninteresting, given that it was a 5 star hotel, with the crabmeat first course being the most interesting.

So that’s the completion of my time at Cordon Bleu. I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog. Feel free to leave comments.

Comments on: "Day 151 – Graduation! – Fri 14th September" (4)

  1. Caragh said:

    Well done Gawain, the hat suits you!!

  2. Alex R. said:

    I have read your blog since day one, and wanted to say Congratulations! It is an impressive display of persistence and skill to achieve the Grand Diplome, and I hope one day to do likewise. Congratulations, I wish you every good thing in the future!

  3. Elena said:

    Hi Gawain, just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for this blog!! I keep coming here over years 🙂
    Thank you!!!!
    Elena Stradze

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