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Day 49 – Cusine theory and Patisserie Practical exams – Tues 20th March

Today started off with a 1 hour cuisine theory exam. Mostly multiple choice plus a few short answer questions. It took me about 15 minutes to answer most of it and then I spent some time on the few questions I wasn’t quite so sure about. Still had to sit about for half an hour – there’s only so many times you can check your answers!

I’m not saying that I’ve got it all right but I think I’ve got a decent pass.

Then, after a couple of hours in between, it was the patisserie practical exam.

We drew numbered cards which indicated which work station we would be at for the exam and also the dish we would be making. I got the genoise sponge with raspberry jam and buttercream icing, which was the dish most people were wanting not to get, but which I had practiced last weekend and wasn’t worried about getting. The other possibilities were lemon tart (with meringue on top) or coffee eclairs. I didn’t mind which I got though I think I would have been happiest with the lemon tart.

The 1st 15 minutes were to write out the recipe and method and hand it in. Then we had 2.5 hours to make the dish and also present some piping on a cake board.

I managed to make all the elements of my dish in the 1st hour: the sponge cake, soaking syrup, raspberry jam and buttercream.

This left me a good amount of time to assemble it. I had to cut the cake flat, cut in half horizontally, soak each half with syrup (flavoured with raspberry eau de vie), spread jam then buttercream on the bottom layer, put the top layer on and spread buttercream over the top and sides smoothly. Then decorate the sides with flaked almonds and pipe buttercream and chocolate on the top and decorate with some fresh raspberries.

I was pretty pleased with the results of all that but the piping on the cake board was more problematic. We had to pipe 10 rosettes and 10 shell shapes in buttercream on a cake board and they needed to be even. I made a mess of quite a few of them and had to redo them and really wasn’t happy with the end result, but at least I was happy with the cake.

Tomorrow is the patisserie theory exam, and a demo on chocolate truffles. We get the results for cuisine on Thursday and for patisserie on Friday.

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