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Day 59 – Loire Valley – Thurs 12th April

Chef Gilles took us for the demo and practical again today.

We made 2 dishes: braised trout with beurre Nantais sauce and braised lettuce, and Cointreau soufflé.

Fillets of trout were boned and skinned and poached for a few minutes in a court bouillon. Gem lettuce was braised with carrot, onion, diced bacon and chicken stock. The fish was served with the braised lettuce and a sauce made from shallots, Muscadet wine and lots of butter.

Next was a Cointreau soufflé. A creme patissiere was flavoured with Cointreau and whisked egg whites folded in. It was spooned into buttered and sugared ramekins and baked for 10 minutes.

In the practical we had to make both dishes. The trout was fiddly to fillet but was quick to cook and the dish proved tasty.

The soufflé worked well and tasted good too, though there isn’t much substance to a soufflé.

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