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Days 129 and 130 – Boulangerie – Mon 6th and Tues 7th August

On Monday and Tuesday this week chef Christophe took us for 2 days of bread making. Over the course of 2 days we have made more bread than I can fit in the freezer.

We made baguettes and ciabatta


a brown bread ring where each ball of dough was filled with cheese and onion or cheese and sun dried tomato, and pain viennois

croissants and pain au chocolat

a kugelhopf

a rye bread hedgehog!

which we took the top off, made sandwiches of the bread inside, and put back inside the hedgehog

more brioche

and a large, brown pain de campagne.

Day 76 – Boulangerie – Tues 8th May

Chef Nicolas took us for the demo and practical today on boulangerie. He made 3 types of bread: rye bread, baguette viennoise and foccacia.

The baguette is an enriched dough similar to a brioche and is a 4 strand plait.  The rye bread was made from 10 balls of dough in a ring.

The foccacia was flavoured with olive oil, herbs, olives and garlic.

And here is my bread from the practical

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