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Day 101 – Patisserie exam results and Decorating the fruit cake – Fri 15th June

Today we got the results of our patisserie exam from chef Christophe. It isn’t the final result for the term, just the result for making the Fraisier in the exam on Monday.

I got 87.75% and came top of my class! The only major criticism was my royal icing piping on the top of the cake. I hope my cuisine result is anywhere near as good.

Then we had a practical to decorate our fruit cakes. I covered the cake in marzipan and decided to colour my fondant icing blue with marbling to complement the yellow roses. I covered the cake and board, added a border around the sides of the cake, crimped the edges of the cake and marked the edge of the board and added ribbon around the board. I piped royal icing around the base of the cake, on the border and on the top then added the roses and leaves.

Day 99 – Written exams and Cake Decorating demo – Wed 13th June

Today we had the written exams for both Patisserie and Cuisine and a demo on decorating the fruit cake we made right back at the beginning of term.

Each of the written exams lasted 1 hour and consisted of some multiple choice questions and some short answer questions. Similar to last term it took all of the time available to answer all the questions in  the patisserie exam and less than half the time in the cuisine exam.

Then we had the last patisserie demo for this term and chef Christophe showed us how to decorate the fruit cake we made back earlier this term.

He sliced the top off the cake to level it, covered the top and sides with marzipan and then in fondant icing. He then decorated the cake and cake board (also covered in fondant) by crimping or marking the edges and piped royal icing. He then used the sugarpaste flowers and leaves that he made in a demo some weeks ago to complete the cake by first brushing them with coloured powders and then tieing them together into a strand of flowers and sticking them to the cake.

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