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Day 29 – Chicken fricassée, Poussin and Guinea Fowl – Wed 22nd Feb

Today we had a demo and practical with chef Eric, then another demo with chef Gilles.

In the 1st demo chef Eric was cooking one of the recipes that could come up in our exams: Chicken Fricassée with mushroom cream sauce and glazed vegetables.

The chicken was cut into 8 pieces: 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks and 4 pieces of breast, dusted with seasoned flour and seared until golden brown.

Shallots and sliced mushrooms were sautéed in the pan, deglazed with white wine, chicken stock added, the chicken pieces returned and then cooked int he oven for 20 minutes or the chicken cooked through. The chicken was removed from the pan again, the stock reduced, then cream added and boiled again, with the chicken returned to warm though.

The chicken was served with glazed baby onions, roasted turned potatoes, and glazed, turned carrots and courgettes. There is a lot of vegetable turning in this recipe which is why it is on the exam. We have to turn 6 of each vegetable for the exam and it takes a considerable amount of time to do.

The chef also made a panfried, breadcrumbed chicken breast, served with asparagus and beurre noisette.

In the practical chopping the chicken didn’t take long but turning all the vegetables did. And I managed to cut myself! It’s my 1st cut and I’m in my 6th week at Cordon Bleu, so I don’t think that’s too bad. But it’s annoying and it’s on my thumb so keeps getting caught. Not deep, just a nick really.

We didn’t get into the kitchen on time as the previous class hadn’t finished, so we were late starting and late finishing.

However I was quite pleased with my finished dish and my turned veg, particularly compared to others in my class:

Finally we had a demo with chef Gilles. He cooked braised guinea fowl with cabbage and pan-fried baby chicken (poussin) with tarragon and mustard sauce.

The guinea fowl was trussed and browned in a similar way to the roast chicken from a few weeks ago. Then it was braised in a large pot with blanched savoy cabbage, mirepoix in large pieces, garlic, a large piece of blanched bacon and a Morteau sausage, with chicken stock. Once braised, the guinea fowl was carved and served with slices of the vegetables plus bacon and sausage:

The poussin was prepared by removing the backbone and wing tips and flattening the bird. Browned in a frying pan, it was cooked in the oven with tarragon stalks, mustard seeds, white peppercorns and chicken stock. Once cooked, the stock was reduced and cream, dijon mustard and tarragon added. The poussin was served with the sauce, peeled new potatoes and an apple compote:

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