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Day 33 – Stuffed chicken and veal – Tues 28th Feb

Today’s demo was about stuffings for meat. But not bread based stuffings, but meat based. Chef Eric took the demo and chef Neil joined us to watch.

The 1st was chicken breast, flattened out and stuffed with a mousse of chicken thigh meat, egg white, cream and herbs. This was rolled into a sausage shape, poached and served with courgette spaghetti and a tomato butter sauce. Quite an interesting technique and it was all very tasty indeed.

Next was stuffed veal parcels. In this case the stuffing was made of minced veal, pork, pork fat, mushrooms and some breadcrumbs. This mix was spread on a veal escalope, rolled up and tied. It was browned on all sides, then braised and served with carrots sliced and cooked in a glaze.

Chef Neil again for the practical, making yesterday’s offal. We had to make the veal sweetbreads and the calves liver.

We spent about 3/4 of the time making and cooking the vegetable garnishes and the rest on the meat and sauces. Seems a bit weighted the wrong way.

The sweetbread was very soft and had to be handled carefully but had a lovely texture when cooked, though the taste was very mild.

The calves liver was also very good. Took about 1 minute per side to cook and keep it from going tough. Excellent flavour, not at all like other livers I have had.

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