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Day 112 and 113 – Tuiles and Beef Wellington – Wed 11th and Thurs 12th July

Chef Christophe gave us a lecture on tuiles today. He made 4 different types: normal biscuit type tuiles, sesame seed tuiles, poppy seed tuiles and brandy snap tuiles. He made them in lots of different shapes.

Next chef Gilles prepared the mise en place for beef Wellington.

This involved making some puff pastry, duxelle of mushroom, chicken mousseline, crepes and stuffing a piece of beef fillet with foie gras and truffle slices then searing it all over and then chilling it all.

In the next class chef Neil completed and baked the beef Wellington. The puff pastry was rolled to size, crepes were laid on it, the duxelle and mousseline were mixed and spread on the crepes and the beef placed in the centre and wrapped the crepes and pastry around it. A lattice of puff pastry was wrapped around it, egg washed and baked. It was served with slices of globe artichoke, green beans, sautéed mushrooms, slices of potato shaped into leaves and a sauce made from the beef trimmings.

Lastly chef Neil made a trilogy of foie gras. He made a foie gras mousse foam, a slice of poached foie gras on diced pear, fig and grapes with a port reduction and a poached slce of foie gras on lentils.

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