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Day 38 – Demos on Fish and Shellfish – Mon 5th March

Today we had just 2 demonstration classes and no practicals.

The 1st was on more flatfish, brill and plaice, and also trout:

Plaice and Trout

The brill was cut into steaks, still on the bone but skinned, was poached in milk and served with hollandaise sauce:

The plaice was filleted, cut into goujons (finger sized pieces), breadcrumbed, deep fried and served with aioli.

The trout was also filleted, but pan fried in a little butter, topped with almonds and served with boiled, turned potatoes and a beurre noisette (nut brown butter).

The 2nd demo was on shellfish.

The chef demonstrated moules mariniere (mussels in white wine), dressed crab and oysters. There were 2 different types of oysters, native and rock oysters:


The mussels were cleaned of barnacles and beards and then cooked over a high heat with shallots and white wine for a few minutes until they open their shells.

The crab was boiled, cooled and the meat removed which is a very fiddly job. Mixed with a little mayonnaise, it was then put back into the empty shell and decorated with chopped boiled egg, sliced olives, anchovies and parsley.

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