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Day 53 – Intermediate Patisserie – Dobos Chocolate Slice – Mon 2nd April

This term we mostly have our patisserie classes at the beginning of the week and cuisine at the end of the week.

We started with a demo from chef Nicolas who made a Dobos chocolate slice. This is a sponge cake, layered with chocolate ganache, cut in half on the diagonal, and made into a long triangle with ganache, then covered with more ganache and chocolate coating. The chef decorated one with some nibbed pistachios and piped ganache.


He also made some puff pastry, which will be used in tomorrow’s class.

We had chef Nicolas in the practical too and this term there are only 12 in our group, rather than 16 last term. This is due to 1 person having only come to Cordon Bleu for 1 term and a few failures in either cuisine or patisserie which means that some have been placed in other groups.

We made the puff pastry for use tomorrow and while it was resting between turns, we made the Dobos chocolate slice.

The hardest bit of the Dobos cake was the diagonal slicing as we first made a rectangular cake and then sliced it lengthwise with the knife at 45°. Unfortunately, just at the point when I had almost finished, and was lifting it onto the cake board, it cracked in the middle. However it didn’t affect the taste and was quickly devoured by my family, particularly my nephew who is as much of a chocoholic as I am.

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