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Days 149 and 150 – Exam results – Mon 10th and Tues 11th September

We got our cuisine exam results for chef Eric on Monday. I got 85% in the cuisine exam which I am very pleased and quite surprised about. Hurrah!

On Tuesday chef Christophe gave us our patisserie exam results. I got 75% which is another good result (though I thought I’d done better in patisserie than in cuisine).

Which means I have passed both cuisine and patisserie and have earned my Grand Diplome. Double Hurrah!

The only thing left is the graduation ceremony and lunch at a 5 star hotel on Friday.

Day 51 and 52 – Exam results, truffle making and end of term – Thurs 22nd and Fri 23rd March

On Thursday we got the results of our cuisine practical exam. Just the result for the practical exam, not for the whole of basic cuisine. I got 82.6%, which is 2nd in the class and counts for 45% of the total mark for the term. Pretty pleased with that!
I’ll get the rest of the results for cuisine at the start of next term, or at basic graduation next week if I wasn’t going to be away.

In the evening we made the truffles that were demonstrated yesterday. We made them in pairs and my colleague Thomas and I made white chocolate and Cointreau truffles. This had the advantage of not getting covered in dark chocolate or cocoa.

Unfortunately, most of the class had been in the pub all day, having got their cuisine exam results early in the day, and some were far from sober. The class turned into a bit of a kiddie’s playtime with half the classing giggling and messing about, covering each other with chocolate and really annoying the chef. I must say I was impressed with how cool chef Nicolas managed to remain, though he did tell them all that it was the worst class he had ever had to take and next time, please stay out of the kitchen if they’ve been drinking.

At the end he came and thanked Thomas and I for helping him by taking the class seriously, not being drunk and getting on with making our truffles. He really appreciated our attitude and I appreciate his teaching. He is a good teacher and I’ve enjoyed all the classes we’ve had with him and told him so. We’ll be having much more of him in the next 2 terms and I look forward to that.

On Friday morning we got the results of our patisserie exam and I got 77.7%, 3rd in the class this time. Another good result. Hurrah!

Term finished with a final lecture about the production of chocolate with chef Graeme. We were meant to have had this a fortnight earlier but it had been postponed. Given that it was the last class of term, we had our exam results and several people had already left for a short holiday, it wasn’t too surprising that only half the class were there.

Now a week off before I start term 2 – intermediate cuisine and patisserie. Intermediate cuisine will be covering French regional cuisine, so lots of yummy dishes.

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