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Day 64 – Vendee, Poitou-Charentes – Thurs 19th April

Chef Gilles took us for the demo and practical again. We seem to be getting him for all our classes. He is very friendly and jolly, but I bet he could be a hard boss. He also tends to go off recipe somewhat which can make following the recipe tricky sometimes.

I was happy to see my colleague able to attend classes, though with his burnt hand wrapped in a bandage like a boxing glove and feeling pretty exhausted. Quite a shock to the system, that burn.

Today’s dishes were Mouclade, Navarin of lamb and Frangipane tart.

Mouclade is steamed mussels in a curry sauce made from the cooking juices, curry powder and cream.

Navarin of lamb is a neck of lamb stew. The meat was cut from the bone and diced, then browned in a pan and cooked in the pan with mirepoix, tomato paste, white wine and veal stock until the meat was tender and the sauce thick and glossy. It was served with glazed carrots and turnips, green beans and broad beans.

Lastly the chef made a frangipane tart. A pate sucrée pastry shell was filled with almond cream and baked in the oven.

Chef Eric took us for the practical. We haven’t had him for a class since last term and it was good to see him again.

We made the mouclade and navarin of lamb. Both were very tasty, though a far too small amount of lamb. Here are my dishes.


Later in the day we had this term’s cheese lecture. The chap who covers cheese has a fantastic knowledge of the subject and is wonderfully enthusiastic. He gave us another fabulous lecture.

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