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Day 131 – Swordfish, frog’s legs, gnocchi and halibut – Fri 10th August

Today we had a couple of demos with a practical in the middle where we cooked the dish from the 1st demo.

Chef Eric took the 1st demo and cooked deep-fried frog’s legs in a light batter with roasted garlic cream and parsley coulis.

Next was grilled swordfish with a crab and leek canneloni, pea purée, coriander oil and pancetta crisp. The pasta for the canneloni was made of 2 colours of pasta in stripes of white and green. The green pasta was coloured with parsley chlorophyll.

Chef John took the 2nd demo and cooked pumpkin gnocchi with wild mushrooms and mushroom cream.

Next was pan-fried halibut steak with a potato rose and sauce choron, which is a hollandaise with tomato concasse.

Day 131 – Croquembouche and Lemon sole with chorizo crust – Wed 8th August

Today we started with a pastry technical with chef Nicholas. He started a croquembouche by making the choux buns and the nougatine bases which he decorated with royal icing.

Next was a demo from chef John who made fillets of lemon sole with a chorizo crust, green crab sauce and breadcrumbed frog’s legs, garnished with crisp puff pastry and chorizo oil, which he plated in a couple of ways.

Lastly we cooked the pigeon breast and foie gras wrapped in cabbage which was demonstrated last week and was very tasty indeed.

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