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Day 68 – Tortes, Duck and my Fraisier – Wed 25th April

We started with a lecture on tortes from chef Christophe, who we have only had for practicals previously.

He made 3 traditional tortes: Engadiner Torte, Linzer Torte and Galette.

Next we had a demonstration on the Landes region of France, which is in South West France, with chef Giles. The dishes were duck breast with citrus and prune and armagnac tart.

The duck breasts were cooked in a pan and served with sautéed apple and pear segments, batons of celeriac and beetroot, segments of orange and lemon, candied julienne of orange and lemon zest and a citrus and duck jus.

The chef also salted, then marinaded the duck legs for making duck confit the next day.

Lastly we had a practical making the Fraisier. I must say this is one of the prettiest cakes we have made so far and mine turned out very well, though my piping of royal icing isn’t quite up to the chef’s quality yet. My pink marzipan rose is, however.

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