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Day 41 – Gateau St Honoré – Thurs 8th March

Today we had our 1st demo class from chef Julie, who is head of patisserie at Cordon Bleu.

The chef made a couple of Gateau St. Honorés, named after the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs.

It consists of a circle of pate brisée, onto which a rim of choux pastry is piped. The centre is filled with creme diplomat and then small choux buns, dipped in caramel are stuck around the rim with caramel. The chef stuck a flaked almond on each choux bun on one gateau and decorated each with sugar cages and some crystallised violets.
It’s not exactly the most elegant, refined cake to look at though.


In the practical we had chef Nicolas, who commented how much we had improved, which is good to know.

Instead of flaked almonds we could use crushed crystallised violets which I prefer so used them. We were given this practical today as almost all the elements used in it are used in one or other of the recipes we will be doing in the exam. It all went well and I made a successful gateau and small sugar cage as decoration. I think the violets make it look really good:

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