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Day 131 – Swordfish, frog’s legs, gnocchi and halibut – Fri 10th August

Today we had a couple of demos with a practical in the middle where we cooked the dish from the 1st demo.

Chef Eric took the 1st demo and cooked deep-fried frog’s legs in a light batter with roasted garlic cream and parsley coulis.

Next was grilled swordfish with a crab and leek canneloni, pea purée, coriander oil and pancetta crisp. The pasta for the canneloni was made of 2 colours of pasta in stripes of white and green. The green pasta was coloured with parsley chlorophyll.

Chef John took the 2nd demo and cooked pumpkin gnocchi with wild mushrooms and mushroom cream.

Next was pan-fried halibut steak with a potato rose and sauce choron, which is a hollandaise with tomato concasse.

Day 96 – Canapés, Gnocchi and Sugar Work – Thurs 7th June

Today we had 2 demos with a practical between them.

First was a cuisine demo with chef Gilles on canapés. He made 6 different types of canapé.

He made blinis with horseradish cream and smoked salmon and dill, deep fried salted cod croquettes and marinated tiger prawns.

Next were parmesan shortbread with chives and fromage blanc, aubergine and goat’s cheese rolls and smoked chicken wings with honey and lime glaze.


Next we had a practical with chef Neil making the gnocchi. Not a dish with much flavour. In fact the only flavour in the 2 dishes we made was the parmesan cheese. I wasn’t impressed by these dishes and when the chef-astronaut asked what I would serve them with, I replied I wouldn’t as they had no flavour. (Houston, we have a problem!)

Then we had the last patisserie demo before the exams and chef Nicolas gave us a demonstration of some sugar work.

He made some poured sugar pieces (a square, some circles, a mirror effect base, a bubble effect curved piece which would be the background and a ‘coral’ by pouring hot sugar into a jug of ice, then dusting the result with caster sugar). He then did some pulled sugar work and made a 2 colour ribbon, some roses and leaves. He assembled all of these into a sugar centrepiece.

Lastly he made a blown sugar dolphin.

Day 94 – Vegetarian cooking! – Fri 1st June

Today a couple of demos on vegetarian cooking. (Vegetarian food is fine as long as you have lots of meat with it!)

The 1st was with chef Loic and he made 3 dishes.

The 1st was globe artichoke stuffed with mushrooms, shallots and spinach, encased in a lattice of puff pastry and served with baby carrots and courgettes and a tomato and basil sauce.

Next was a vegetable pastilla which is a filo pastry parcel with a stuffing of onion, green beans, mangetout, peas, romaine lettuce and confit tomatoes. The pastilla was baked in the oven and served with red and yellow pepper coulis and basil oil and tomato skin crisps.

Lastly was an asparagus and parmesan gratin with truffle jus.

Next we had a demo with chef Gilles on Gnocchi. He made 3 different types of gnocchi.

The 1st was a potato gnocchi, poached in water, then sautéed in butter with chopped parsley and grated parmesan.

Next was a gnocchi made from semolina, allowed to cool on a tray and then cut in circles, used to fill a gratin dish, with cooked tomato concasse in the centre, sprinkled with Gruyère and baked in the oven.

Last was gnocchi made from choux paste, poached then baked in the oven with bechamel sauce and topped with a little gruyere and baked until puffed up and golden.

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