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Day 108 – Herb crusted Salmon and Frozen white chocolate nougat – Thurs 5th July

Today chef Neil continued with the foie gras terrine. He gently cooked the marinaded foie gras in a low oven, then laid it on sheets of clingfilm and rolled it into a sausage shape and chilled it overnight.

Next he prepared the salmon. The salmon steak was baked with a herb and almond crust and served with a cabbage leaf ballotine stuffed with salmon mousseline and stuffed cabbage and a mushroom flan (a savoury set custard) and turned mushrooms.

Next was the frozen nougat which was a blend of melted white chocolate, whipped cream and italian meringue with chopped cherries, and frozen until firm. A rectangle was cut and rolled in crushed pistachio praline and served with some praline, raspberry coulis and brandysnap basket.


Day 83 – Languedoc Rousillon – Thurs 17th May

Today chef Gilles took us for the demo again and cooked 3 dishes.

The 1st was monkfish stew flavoured with saffron and finished with aioli (intensely garlic mayonnaise).

Next he cooked squid with a pork stuffing, braised with tomatoes and espelette pepper.

Lastly he made a dessert of iced nougat with strawberries, raspberries and raspberry coulis.

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