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Days 102, 103, 104 – Cuisine exam results and canapés for graduation – Mon 18th to Wed 20th June

On Monday we received the result from the cuisine exam. Apparently I didn’t do as bad as I had thought as I got 90.5%! Wow. I thought I’d be lucky to get 70% so I must have done something right.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had a practical making some canapés for the Basic and Intermediate graduations on Thursday.

We had chef John for this and spent Tuesday doing a lot of preparation (mise en place) and Wednesday completing the canapés. I mainly worked on some honey, lime and sesame seed chicken wing lollipops and made about 100 of these. Other people made thyme and parmesan sablés with a ham hock and parsley ballotine slice, blinis with beetroot cured gravadlax, fresh tuna sushi, vegetable and halloumi kebabs, crabmeat with chilli jam and cheese straws.

We get to eat these at our graduation tomorrow.

That’s intermediate cuisine and patisserie completed. I am now 2/3 of my way through my time at Cordon Bleu. Superior starts on 2nd July. In the mean time I am taking a week’s holiday.

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