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Term 2 – Intermediate Cuisine and Patisserie and full results from Term 1

After a week off spent at my mother’s house (where it was sunny and warm all week, which will probably be their summer for this year) I returned to London to start my 2nd term at Cordon Bleu – Intermediate Cuisine and Patisserie.

The 1st thing to do was to get my results for basic cuisine and patisserie. I got 79.46 % in Cuisine and 82.16 in Patisserie, the latter being a credit. Hurrah!

I also got my new locker number, having had to empty my locker at the end of last term so that all the lockers could be cleaned.

Not only cleaned but reorganised. What was a narrow corridor lined with lockers had been changed into a narrow corridor lined with lockers plus a new row of lockers in the middle making 2 extremely narrow corridors. Not only that, but all the people I have classes with, and therefore use the locker room at the same time as, have their lockers all in the same small section of the locker room. Which means there are about 20 men all trying to access their lockers and change in a space the size of a telephone box. I thought, last term, that they couldn’t have made the locker room any worse but amazingly they have. Many complaints have been made!


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