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Day 73 – Lamb Tian and making the Sabrina – Wed 2nd May

Chef Gilles demonstrated the 2nd dish that may come up in our cuisine exam.

It is a fillet of lamb on a vegetable tian with a mint and pepper sauce.

The meat on a rack of lamb was cut from the bone and pan fried until browned on the outside and pink in the centre.

A vegetable tian was constructed from layers of vegetable: sautéed spinach, fried mushroom slices, sautéed sliced onions, pan fried sliced artichoke heart and diced tomato.

On top of this, slices of the lamb were arranged and topped with a quenelle of garlic purée and a sprig of mint.

The sauce, a reduction of stock and the lamb bones, finished with a chiffonade of mint and crushed green peppercorns, was spooned on the plate around the lamb.

The chef also made a first course of a crab and asparagus charlotte. This was white crab meat mixed with some mayonnaise and chopped onion and used to fill a small ring lined with asparagus spears and served with some chopped asparagus and an orange vinaigrette with diced tomato and chives.

Next we a had a patisserie practical where we made the Sabrina.

Constructing the sponge and strawberry cream centre was tricky and hard to keep tidy. However it went fairly well and here is my finished gateau.


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