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Day 30 – Lemon Cake and Madeleines – Thurs 23rd Feb

Patisserie again today and we had chef Matthew for the demo and practical and it was the start of cakes.

First was lemon cake. This was made using the creaming method. Butter and sugar were creamed together, eggs added, then flour and lemon zest folded in and some milk added to get a dropping consistency. It was baked in a loaf tin lined with paper. Once baked, a syrup of sweetened lemon juice was brushed over the top and allowed to drizzle into holes pierced in the cake, dusted with icing sugar and decorated with candied lemon zest:

Next were Madeleines, which are a traditional small sponge cakes cooked in a scallop shaped mould. Eggs, sugar and honey were whisked to the ribbon stage. Lemon zest and flour were molded in, then, once the batter had been chilled, melted butter was folded in. The batter was piped into well buttered and floured moulds and baked for only 10 minutes and paired up with the scallop sides outwards:

The chef also made an almond and pistachio cake. Marzipan and pistachio paste were puréed in a food processor, eggs and melted butter each added slowly, then a little flour folded in. It was baked, then decorated with apricot glaze and chopped nuts.

In the practical we made the lemon cake and madeleines. It went well, though looking around the kitchen, there were some lemon cakes that came out of the oven with less height than when they went in. Someone forgot the baking powder. I’m pleased to report that my cakes were excellent, however.
It also happened to be my birthday today, so I had made myself a birthday cake. 21 with several years experience!


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