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Day 131 – Croquembouche and Lemon sole with chorizo crust – Wed 8th August

Today we started with a pastry technical with chef Nicholas. He started a croquembouche by making the choux buns and the nougatine bases which he decorated with royal icing.

Next was a demo from chef John who made fillets of lemon sole with a chorizo crust, green crab sauce and breadcrumbed frog’s legs, garnished with crisp puff pastry and chorizo oil, which he plated in a couple of ways.

Lastly we cooked the pigeon breast and foie gras wrapped in cabbage which was demonstrated last week and was very tasty indeed.

Day 88 – Ile de France II – Thurs 24th May

Chef Gilles cooked a couple of dishes today.

The first was veal kidneys in mustard sauce. The whole kidney, which had to be separated from the fat surrounding it, was cut into lobes and quickly browned, then left to drain of its blood. The sauce was made of shallots, mustard seeds, white wine, chicken and veal stock and cream. The kidneys were braised in the sauce to complete its cooking and the sauce was finished with chopped parsley and Dijon mustard. I tasted the sauce and it definitely tasted of kidney, which I like, with a lovely mustard flavour.

Next the chef cooked poached fillets of lemon sole with tomato and cream sauce and green tagliatelle. The fish was filleted and the bones used to make fish stock. A sauce was made from sweated shallots, white wine, the fish stock and tomatoes and finished with a little butter. The pasta was made with cooked and drained spinach, eggs and flour, rolled in a pasta machine and cut as tagliatelle.


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