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Day 47 – Assorted Desserts – Fri 16th March

Today we had just one demo class, taken by chef Graeme. It was the last demo before the exams next week and the corresponding practical would be the exam so we wouldn’t be making any of these recipes.

The chef made 4 desserts. The 1st was a cold lemon soufflé which was a mix of italian meringue, pate a bombe (whisked egg yolks plus sugar syrup at soft ball stage), lemon juice and zest, whipped cream and gelatine. Once set, the chef decorated them with chantilly cream, chocolate, sliced strawberries or candied lemon zest.


Next was shortbread which is butter rubbed into flour and then sugar added, brought together, rolled out and baked.

Third was trifle. A layer of sponge and berries lined the bottom of a bowl and was soaked with sherry overnight. This was covered with custard and then chantilly cream and decorated with piped chocolate and more berries.

Lastly was tart tatin. The chef made a dry caramel in a large pan and finished it with some water and butter to make a thick caramel and then poured it into the baking tin.
Apples were peeled and quartered and placed on their sides around the tin in a ring and also in the centre. The tin was topped with a circle of puff pastry which was tucked into the tin and then it was baked in the oven. Once baked, it was turned out onto a tray and decorated with a sugar cage.

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