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Day 126 – Sea Bass and Lamb Duo – Wed 1st August

Today we had a couple of demos with a practical in between.

Chef Eric took us for the 1st demo and the practical following.

He made 2 dishes: beef tartare with pommes gaufrete (waffle cut potato crisps) and a leaf salad

and, the dish we would be making in the practical, grilled sea bass with tomato, black olive and preserved lemon

In the practical it seemed to me that the sea bass dish contained a lot more courgette than tomato, black olive or preserved lemon, but it wasn’t difficult and went well.

Then we had a demo with chef John who also made a couple of dishes.

The 1st was chilled pea soup with cream and truffle parfait

and the 2nd was Lamb Duo, potato fondant and red lentil purée.

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