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Day 141 – Lobster with Bortsch consommé and ratatouille – Fri 24th August

Another day with chef John, this time 2 practicals with a demo in between.

First was cooking the sea bream with rouille and a bouillabaise jus.

Next was a demo where he cooked pan fried lobster with nicoise ratatouille and bortsch consommé.

Lastly we cooked the saddle of rabbit with tomato and anchovy stuffing.

Day 117 – Chocolate Decorations and Lasagne of Lobster – Wed 18th July

Chef Nicolas gave us a demonstration on chocolate decorations for cakes and desserts. He made circles, bows, lattice, bubble chocolate and chocolate cups and others. Pity we didn’t have this last week as we spent the previous 2 days making and decorating desserts!

Then we had a cuisine demo with chef Eric, who we’ve hardly seen since basic cuisine.

He cooked an open lasagne of lobster, with the pasta coloured with the egg sac of the lobster. It’s green when raw and turns instantly orange when cooked.

He also cooked a quail and celeriac salad with a split jus vinaigrette and crispy carrot julienne.

Day 74 – Light cooking and savoury petit fours – Thurs 3rd May

Today’s demo was about light cooking (a brief hiatus in the regions of France) and the chef prepared a side of salmon for a beetroot gravadlax and left it to marinate overnight.

He also seared a loin of venison for carpaccio and put it in the freezer for easier slicing.

The main dish was a poached and pan-fried lobster with broad bean risotto and parmesan shavings.

Next we had a technical class from chef Nicolas on making savoury petit fours. He made chicken and mushroom vol-au-vents, cheese twists, mini ham croissants, mini pizzas, sausage rolls and salmon roulade.

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