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Day 54 – Pithiviers and Mille Feuille – Tues 3rd April

Another demo and practical with chef Nicolas.

Today was making a couple of desserts with the puff pastry we prepared yesterday. The first was a pithiviers which is 2 layers of puff pastry with a mound of almond cream in the centre and then decorated by scoring lines in the top in a curved radial pattern.

The 2nd dessert was a strawberry mille feuille. 2 circles of cooked puff pastry were sandwiched together with raspberry jam, topped with creme mousseline (creme patissiere enriched with butter), chopped fresh strawberries, more creme mousseline and then another circle of puff pastry. The top was decorated with fondant and piped chocolate and the sides with crushed puff pastry crumbs.

In the practical, my puff pastry had come out very well and I was very pleased with its flavour and texture.

Both desserts turned out pretty well with the pithiviers lasting a few moments when I got home and the mille feuille also being devoured by my family.


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