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Day 119 – Mystery Basket, Quail pithiviers and Peach Melba – Fri 20th July

Today in the practical we didn’t cook what the chef had demonstrated in yesterday’s practical but instead were given each an identical basket of ingredients and had to create our own dish.

The basket had 2 quails, 1 egg, 1 purple potato, 1/4 of an onion, some cream, herbs, a red pepper, peas, butter, garlic, cherry tomatoes, ginger and a lemon.

I removed the legs and breasts from the quails, which I then pan-fried, made a sauce from the bones and served the quail with the sauce, a royale of roast red pepper, garlic and basil, peas cooked in butter, roasted cherry tomatoes and crisps of purple potato.

Next chef Neil gave us a demo of quail and veal sweetbread pithiviers, with caramelised pear, fig and grapes.

Then a peach melba of poached white peach, vanilla ice cream, redcurrant and hibiscus jus and a sugar tuile.

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