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Day 65 – Bordeaux – Fri 20th April

Chef Gilles took us today for the demo and practical.

Firstly he made white asparagus with walnut vinaigrette.


Second was fillet of beef with red wine sauce, sautéed wild mushrooms with garlic and pommes noisette.

Pommes noisette are balls of potato cut with a melon baller, blanched then cooked in clarified butter until crisp and golden. The red wine sauce was made from browned meat trimmings, mirepoix, red wine and veal stock then finished with butter.

The steaks were pan fried and served with purple sprouting broccoli, the sautéed mushrooms, pommes noisette and the sauce.

We had to make both dishes in the practical and there wasn’t enough white asparagus so I only had green asparagus to cook, which largely defeated the purpose of the dish. The steaks were good though, as were the pommes noisette.

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