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Day 114 – Fish with scales – Fri 13th July

Chef David took us for the demo today and chef Loic for the practical that followed.

He prepared 2 dishes of which we were to cook only the 1st in the practical.

The 1st dish was red mullet which was scaled, gutted and filleted, then the scales stuck back on for cooking. Ok, not the actual real scales (which, on a red mullet, are about the size of your fingernail) but overlapping circles of thinly sliced potato, arranged to look like the scales of a fish. The fillet was pan fried and served with seared scallops, a broccoli royale (broccoli set custard) and a Noilly Prat, saffron and butter sauce.

In the practical we had to scale our fish and the scales go everywhere!

Next the chef prepared a dessert of poached pineapple bar, white chocolate and coconut mousse with mango and pomegranate compote.

The pineapple and mousse were layered with caramelised filo sheets and topped with toasted coconut flakes.

Day 92 – Provence and Exotic Fruit Mousse – Wed 30th May

Today we had a cuisine demo and a pastry demo.

The cuisine demo, with chef Gilles, covered a couple of fish dishes from Provence.
The 1st was Bouillabaise which is an intensely flavoured fish soup with pieces of fish and rouille, a harissa and saffron mayonnaise like concoction.

Next was a dish of grilled red mullet fillets sandwiched together with tapenade and tied with chives, served with crispy julienne of leek and basil oil.

Then we had a pastry demo with chef Graeme.
He made an exotic fruit mousse, flavoured with coconut and mango, in a sponge decorated with coloured tuile paste to give a hatched effect, and served with a fruit salsa and some tuile biscuits.

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