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Day 100 – Cuisine exam and making sugar flowers – Thurs 14th June

The day started with this term’s cuisine exam and we had to make the salmon paupiettes.

Once I gathered all my ingredients on my tray to put in the fridge I started by throwing everything on the floor! I was able to rescue most of it and fortunately it all needed washing anyway so no harm done.

I proceeded to make the salmon paupiettes ok (escalope of salmon filled with scallop mousse) but I over-reduced my sauce twice, then boiled it over across my stove. I also overcooked the salmon and broccoli. Not my best day!

However the dish looked ok on the plate so hopefully I’ve done ok.

Next we had a class making flowers or decorations for the fruit cake we would be decorating the next day. I managed to make 4 sugarpaste yellow roses and some leaves in the 2½ hours we had. It’s slow work and a little dull but they looked quite good.

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