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Day 145 – Peppered Lamb and Salmon Coulibiac – Fri 31st August

Chef John took us for the last demo of my time at Cordon Bleu and demonstrated a couple of dishes that we wouldn’t be cooking as the practical correspondng to the this demo would be our cuisine exam.

The 1st dish was seared peppered lamb with pressed tomatoes, goat’s cheese and pommes maxine.

Next was a Salmon Coulibiac, which is fillet of salmon with chopped boiled egg, mushroom duxelle, creamed onions and saffron rice, wrapped in crepes and then brioche and baked. It’s a bit like a beef wellington, but with fish and brioche rather than beef and puff pastry. It was served with a dill sauce.


Day 127 – Ballotine of Salmon and Stuffed Guinea Fowl – Thurs 2nd August

Chef Eric cooked 2 dishes in today’s demo.

The first was a Ballotine of Salmon with beetroot and a  horseradish cream topped with salmon roe.

Second was Stuffed Guinea Fowl cooked en cocotte with parsnip purée, baby carrots, sugar snap peas and wild mushrooms. The guinea fowl was completely boned out, a stuffing made of the leg meat and layered with the breasts and rolled up in the skin, then braised in the sauce of the browned bones and stock.

Day 121 – Lots of Seafood and Veal – Wed 25th July

Today we had 2 demos from chef John, both using seafood and veal, with a practical in between where we did a lot of mise en place for the dinner we were giving the following day.

In the first demo chef John prepared a couple of dishes. The first was Roasted scallops with cauliflower pureé and cumin foam.

Then he made veal loin with vegetable spaghetti and soufflé potatoes.

In the 2nd demo he made a mixed dish of seafood with seared tuna, fresh oysters, herb crusted poached salmon, monkfish cooked in blackening spices, steamed clams, tuna tartare, and salmon and monkfish ceviche and presented it on 3 different plates.

Lastly he made fillet of veal with spring vegetables.

Day 108 – Herb crusted Salmon and Frozen white chocolate nougat – Thurs 5th July

Today chef Neil continued with the foie gras terrine. He gently cooked the marinaded foie gras in a low oven, then laid it on sheets of clingfilm and rolled it into a sausage shape and chilled it overnight.

Next he prepared the salmon. The salmon steak was baked with a herb and almond crust and served with a cabbage leaf ballotine stuffed with salmon mousseline and stuffed cabbage and a mushroom flan (a savoury set custard) and turned mushrooms.

Next was the frozen nougat which was a blend of melted white chocolate, whipped cream and italian meringue with chopped cherries, and frozen until firm. A rectangle was cut and rolled in crushed pistachio praline and served with some praline, raspberry coulis and brandysnap basket.


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