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Day 118 – Snails and veal fillets – Thurs 19th July

Chef John took us for a demo today, the 1st time he had given us a demo, though we’ve had him for practicals several times.

He cooked lettuce cream and snails with smoked bacon and tomato, and garnished with shavings of truffle.

Then Veal fillets with black olive crust and Stuffed Pequillo pepper and a red wine risotto.

Day 89 – Burgundy – Fri 25th May

Chef David took us for the demo today and cooked 3 dishes from the Burgundy region.

The 1st was snail vol au vents. Puff pastry was rolled out and cut and baked to create the vol au vent cases. The snails were poached in a court bouillon to infuse them with the flavour and then put into a velouté sauce of chicken stock and cream infused with garlic, then spooned into the pastry cases and topped with chopped chives and tarragon and finished with parsley purée and parsley oil.

Next was Rabbit stew. A whole rabbit carcass was butchered into joints, and the liver, kidneys and heart retained for the dish. The pieces of rabbit were dusted with seasoned flour and browned. The pan was deglazed with white wine, chicken stock added plus the rabbit pieces and parboiled, turned potatoes and simmered until cooked through. The rack of rabbit, liver and kidneys were briefly sautéed and the rack and kidneys added to the stew for the last few minutes. The sauce was finished with chopped parsley and served in a bowl with the rack and slices of the liver on top.

Lastly the chef cooked pain d’epices, which is a dense spiced bread. A soft dough of flour, rye flour, baking powder, butter, sugar, water and honey was made and flavoured with orange rind, cinnamon, aniseed and ginger. It was baked in a cake tin, allowed to cool and then cut into squares.

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