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Day 46 – Ice Cream and Macaroons – Thurs 15th March

Today we started with a technical class on ice creams and sorbets. Chef Nicolas talked about and demonstrated the making of both and we got to taste several of each: Malibu ice cream, chocolate ice cream, passion fruit sorbet, red wine sorbet, Baileys ice cream and Champagne sorbet. All pretty good, though the chef tasted his Champagne sorbet with a large measure of the left over Champagne!

Then we had a demo on Macaroons, again with chef Nicolas.

Macaroons are a meringue like product into which sugar and ground almonds or ground hazelnuts plus flavourings and colours are mixed, baked and then sandwiched together with a flavoured filling.

The chef made 2 flavours – chocolate macaroons flavoured with cocoa and sandwiched together with a dark chocolate ganache, and pistachio macaroons, for which the macaroon mix was just coloured green and sandwiched together with a buttercream to which pistachio paste was added.

Lastly we had a practical making the macaroons ourselves. Chef Matthew took us for the demo and we were to make both types of macaroons and fillings that chef Nicolas had demonstrated.
They went pretty well and I am pleased to say they looked just as good as in the demo.
Finally, as there is no flour in macaroons, it was something that my wheat intolerant wifey could enjoy.

Chef Nicolas had told us that they were better the next day after being in the fridge overnight and this was indeed the case – they had better texture and flavour the next day.

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