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Day 40 – Practicals, crepes with pears, beef stroganoff – Wed 7th March

Today we had 2 practicals again and 1 demo.

The 1st practical was patisserie with chef Nicolas and we made the chocolate charlotte bavarois. It went pretty well, though the chocolate fans to decorate weren’t perfect, but not bad for a 1st attempt. Certainly very tasty though:

Next we had a practical with chef John, this time making the fillet steak with béarnaise sauce. A straightforward practical with nothing taking too long so we finished an hour early. Had a wonderful dinner of steak and béarnaise sauce. My wife was in heaven.

Then onto a demo with chef Neil again.

The last few cuisine demos are going to be about desserts (some people are not studying patisserie) and today was the end of savoury dishes and the start of desserts.

The chef made 2 dishes, crepes filled with pears, and a beef stroganoff.

The chef had a creme patissiere which he enriched with whipped cream and pear liqueur. He peeled and diced a couple of pears, diced one and turned the other similar to the courgettes in previous recipes, to use as a garnish. He made a dry caramel, finished it with butter and pear liqueur and caramelised the pears in it. This was then folded into the creme patissiere and used to fill some crepes. The crepes were served with creme anglaise and the turned, caramelised pears.

Last was a beef stroganoff. Shallots and mushrooms were sautéed, paprika added, deglazed with brandy and vinegar, stock added, reduced and finished with cream to make the sauce.
Strips of beef from the end of the fillet were quickly sautéed and stirred through the sauce. The stroganoff was served with a vegetable and rice pilaf, julienne of beetroot and gherkin and some sour cream.

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