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Day 92 – Provence and Exotic Fruit Mousse – Wed 30th May

Today we had a cuisine demo and a pastry demo.

The cuisine demo, with chef Gilles, covered a couple of fish dishes from Provence.
The 1st was Bouillabaise which is an intensely flavoured fish soup with pieces of fish and rouille, a harissa and saffron mayonnaise like concoction.

Next was a dish of grilled red mullet fillets sandwiched together with tapenade and tied with chives, served with crispy julienne of leek and basil oil.

Then we had a pastry demo with chef Graeme.
He made an exotic fruit mousse, flavoured with coconut and mango, in a sponge decorated with coloured tuile paste to give a hatched effect, and served with a fruit salsa and some tuile biscuits.

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