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Day 119 and 120 – Create my own entremet – Mon 23rd and Tues 24th July

This week in patisserie we had to design and create our own entremet, based on all the things we have learnt over the last 2 terms. An entremet is a multi-layered, multi-textured cake. We had to consider which flavours and textures we wanted to use and then proceed to make and cost it.

I chose to make a white chocolate mousse cake, with a raspberry jelly centre, an orange glaze on top, a pate sablé base and a pink striped almond sponge around the outside.

Here is my completed entremet

and here is a slice showing the inside

And here are all the entremets made by the students in my class.

Day 81 – White chocolate mousse with redcurrant jelly centre – Tues 15th May

Today chef Christophe took us for the demo and practical. We haven’t had chef Christophe for a demo before though we’ve had him lots of time for practicals. He has a habit of referring to any group of students as ‘girls’ and calls all students Geraldine or Gerald, though usually Geraldine, irrespective of gender! He also talks to himself throughout the demo.

Today’s cake consisted of a layer of pistachio dacquoise sponge, which is a sponge rich in ground pistachio and pistachio paste as well as ground almonds. On top of this was a white chocolate mousse, in which a disk of redcurrant jelly was placed and covered with more white chocolate mousse. A white chocolate glaze was applied to the top of the cake and then decorated with piped dark chocolate. Squares of dark chocolate dusted with an edible lustre were used to decorate the sides of the cake as well as some pieces on top, as well as some fruit.

And here is my cake from the practical.

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